Beta Feedback Page

Hi Thanks for for checking out the new Wildwalks website. It would be great if you can let me know any problems and you and suggestions to improve the site. Stuff I am working on:
    • * Campsite landing page (make it pretty – maybe even add a map)
    • * More..  (still to add many of the articles from the old website)
    • * Mobile friendly stuff (especially bushwalk search page) done
      • * Add mobile menu to all pages (same as home page)
* Walks
    • * Extra downloads (KML, GPS and other PDF’s)
Good suggestions I will look at it when I get time
  • Be able to download NSW topo maps for printing
  • a list of walks in NSW not yet on wildwalks (more then just the book stuff) — wiki maybe??
A few tips for reporting a problem.
  • * Please provide a URL to the page with the problem
  • * Explain what happened (or did not happen) & what you expected to happen
  • * Try it a few times, does it keep happening?
  • * Provide any extra info you can (eg screen shot)
  • * be patient, it might take me a while to get to it, I will get to big problems first.
To shy to leave a comment here? Email me [email protected] or Wildwalks Facebook Page. Thanks.