Camping stoves compared

ImageFuel stoves have become and essential piece of equipment for your pack on any over night expedition.  The stoves generally safer and much lower impact on the environment than the traditional campfire.  The debate rages as to which is the best kind of stove on the market.  The answer is easy – mine!  But since you don’t believe me, I have put together a chart that compares different aspects of different stoves so that you can pick one for you.











Now these figures are pretty general and will vary greatly depending on a bunch of things like model of stove, fuel quality, weather conditions.  But it should give you a feel for the main differences


Follow this link for test done by real people on real stoves 


The stove types compared are
Wood Gas (or gypsy stove)
Compress kerosene (Esbit or Hexamine)
Compressed gas (LPG or Butane)
Methylated spirits (pepsi can or Trangia
Multi-fuels (separate fuel tank) (MSR)
Multi-fuels (built in fuel tank) (Colman)

The elements compared are;
Weight (grams)
Standard Fuel container
Running time
Purchase Cost
Running Cost / per hr
Time to boil 1L of water (mins)
Energy Output (BTU’s)
Ease of lighting
Temperature control
Noise level
Availability of Fuel Supply
Ease to refill
Ease to judge fuel remaining
Use in Fuel stove only areas
Use in Snow