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900 m
Normal track

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Cross sectional view of the Main range teach-loop from Charlotte pass camping near wt Townsend bush walking track

Analysis ans summary of the altitude variation on the main range track-loop from Charlotte pass camping near Mt-Towns

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.

Length 28km
Time 2 Days

Grade 5/6

Route: Hard
AS 2156.1 Gradient Very steep (4/6)
Quality of track Rough unclear track (5/6)
Signs No directional signs (5/6)
Experience Required Moderate level of bush walking experience recommended (4/6)
Weather Forecast, un forecast storms and severe weather likely to have an impact on your navigation and safety (5/6)
Infrastructure No facilities provided (5/6)

*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Overview of this walk Grading – Based on the AS 2156.1 – 2001

This details are now feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the ‘Walker feedback’ for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. hope you find it help full.

Some more details of this walks Grading

Here is a bit more details explaining grading looking at sections of the walk


14 km of this walk has short steep hills and another 6km is flat with no steps. whilst another 6km has gentle hills with occasional steps and the remaining 1.6km is very step.

Quality of track

20km of this walk follows a clear and well formed tack or tie and another 4.5km follows a rough unclear track. the remaining (3.5km) follows a formed track with some branches and other obstacles.


21km of this walk is clearly signposted nd another 4.5km has no directional signs. the remamining (2.4km) has directional signs at most intersections.

Experience Required

10km of this walk requires no previous bush walking experience and another 9km requires some bush walking experience. the remaining (8km) requires a leader with a moderate level of bush walking Experience.


Around 25km of this walk is affected by forecast, un forecast storms and server weather events that may impact on navigate and safety, wishlist the remaining 3km forecast un forecast storms and server weather likely to have an impact on your negative and safety.


14km of this walk has limited facilities ( such as not all cliffs fenced ) and another 11 km is close to useful facilities ( such has fenced cliffs and seats ). whilst another 2.3km has no facilities provided and the remaining 790km limited facilities ( such cliffs no fenced, significant creeks not bridged).


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Driving Directions

To the start of the walk

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To the start of the walk

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Fire Danger

This walk passes Monaro Alpine fire area which currently has a None rating and No fire ban in place. (Downloaded 45 minutes ago) This walk passes Southern Slopes fire area which currently has a None rating and No fire ban in place. (Downloaded 45 minutes ago) Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate

°C (feels like °) km/h from the – % humidity (as at )
Fri ° Mostly clear.
Sat -5° _ 10° Mostly sunny.
Sun -4° _ Sunny.
Mon -4° _ 10° Sunny.

Weather and Climate summary

( detailed weather and climate information here)

Kosciuszko National Park:Link to official closures and fire bans page

Region: South Coast & Highlands Park fees Camping Facilities

Current Park Closure information for Kosciuszko National Park Closure information last downloaded Friday 15th of May 2015 10:00 PM

Island Bend campground partially closed due to maintenance – Island Bend campground (Ends Sunday 1 November)

Partial closure of Island Bend campground due to maintenance. Camp sites are now available at the lower camp at Island Bend in Kosciuszko National Park. Some sites have been fenced and will remain closed for 6 to 12 months following capping works to ameliorate the asbestos risk and to allow for revegetation. Other sites have been gated or fenced and will remain closed due to ongoing asbestos risks. Please observe all signs and closures. For more information, please contact Andrew Miller at the NPWS Jindabyne Office on 0427 437 391 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page. Download a map of the closed areas.

Munyang Bridge closed (behind power station)

Snowy Hydro have advised that the Munyang Bridge behind the Guthega Power Station at Munyang will be closed to all traffic including pedestrians until further notice. As this bridge gives access to Disappointment Spur, this means that there is no access to Disappointment Spur from the Munyang end. Access is possible from the Whites River end but this requires then turning around and exiting the same way (via Whites River). Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact the Project Manager for repairs Mark Kofler from Snowy Hydro on 0418 297255.

Strzelecki Creek Headwaters

Closure for campers at the Strzelecki Creek Headwaters close to the Sentinel. An infestation of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed (Pilosella officinarum) has been detected in the headwaters of Strzelecki Creek. National Parks and Wildlife Service are actively treating this weed as well as searching for other infestation in the area. The closed area is marked with signage, posts and fencing. We apologise for this inconvenience, and we are doing all we can to ensure this weed does not become established in this beautiful area. Penalties apply for non-compliance . For more information, please contact Area Manager, Alpine-Queanbeyan , Anthony Evans on [email protected] or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Thredbo Valley track from Ngarigo campground to The Diggings campground closed until midday Monday 18 May – Thredbo Valley track (Ends Monday 18 May)

Section 3 of the Thredbo Valley track from Ngarigo campground to The Diggings campground will be closed until Monday 18 May. Minor track reconstruction and maintenance has been carried out on the track near The Diggings campground and due to the recent rain and snow this work has become very wet and slippery and will need a couple of days to dry out before it is used. There are trees down over the track that will be cleared, during this closure. For more information, please phone Snowy Region Visitor Centre, Jindabyne on (02) 6450 5600 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.



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