A Day in the Bush : Bushwalks in and around Sydney

A Day in the Bush  Bushwalks in and around Sydney
Title: A Day in the Bush : Bushwalks in and around Sydney
Author: Les Higgins,Tony Rodd
Edition: 3
Publisher: New Holland
ISBN: 9781877069925
Number of pages: 173
Year of Publication: 2011
Cover Price (au$): 22.95
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 300
Regions the book covers: Sydney, Blue Mountains, south of Gosford and illawarra
Height (cm): 21

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Authors Comments
Look at any walk description in A Day in the Bush to identify immediately the book’s distinctive features. All the basic information you need about the walks covered by the book - length, distance from the Sydney CBD, and suitability for children, for example – is immediately accessible. The track notes are presented in a block format so that the stages of the walk are easy to identify and follow. A numbering system is used to help you relate the notes for a particular walk to the accompanying map. The track notes not only guide your steps but also inform you about the landscape and bushland your are passing through. People who want to know more about the bushland about Sydney can delve into the landform and vegetation chapters in Part One of the book. There is also a chapter on the basics of bushwalking in Part One. An important service that comes with the book is the provision of six-monthly walk updates. These can be found on the book’s website and help to keep walks information reliable and current. Especially great if you walk with children
Niche: Walks in Greater Sydney and Blue Moutains, with large amounts of introductory information. Information on walking with children. detailed information on geology
Interpretive Information: Detailed
Grade system explained: Yes
Ascent and/or Decent provided: Yes
Driving directions provided: Yes
Date walks last reviewed provided: Yes
A summary of walks provided: Yes
Regional Map of walks provided: Yes
Maps designed for walking: Yes - limited detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Simple Topographic
Colour used in walking maps: Black and White
Size of walking maps: 3/4 page
Colour depth of photos: Black and White
Level of detail in tracknotes: Detailed route information
Alternate route and side trip suggestions: Many walks

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Garadi Loop (1A) 700 m 2 hrs 1 (4yrs+) 48
Garadi Loop (1B) 1.5 km 2 hrs 1 (7yrs+) 48
The Sugar Loaf Circuit (2A) 3.3 km 2 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 51
The Sugar Loaf Circuit (2B) 2.5 km 2 hrs 1 (4yrs+) 51
Curl Curl Creek (3A) 3 km 3 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 53
Curl Curl Creek (3B) 800 m 1 Hr 1 (4yrs+) 53
Yarralumla Sanctuary 1.5 km 2 hrs 1 (4yrs+) 56
Yarralumla Sanctuary (4B) 2.3 km 2 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 56
Lake Parramatta (5A) 4.2 km 3 hrs 2 (9yrs+) 58
Lake Parramatta (5B) 1.5 km 2 hrs 1 (4yrs+) 58
Yeramba Lagoon (6A) 1.8 km 2 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 61
Yeramba Lagoon (6B) 800 m 1 Hr 1 (4yrs+) 61
Oatley Park (7A) 5 km 4 hrs 2 (9yrs+) 64
Oatley Park (7B) 1.4 km 2 hrs 1 (7yrs+) 64
Oatley Park (7C) 1 km 1 Hr 1 (4yrs+) 64
Wolli Creek (8A) 2 km 2 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 67
Wolli Creek (8B) 2.2 km 2 hrs 2 (9yrs+) 67
Wolli Creek (8C) 1.6 km 1 Hr 1 (4yrs+) 67
Captain Cooks Landing Place (9A) 10.6 km 5 hrs 3 (11yrs+) 71
Captain Cooks Landing Place (9B) 5.2 km 4 hrs 2 (9yrs+) 71
Captain Cooks Landing Place (9C) 1.1 km 1 Hr 1 (4yrs+) 71
Burning Palms (10A) 14 km 6 hrs 4 (11yrs+) 73
Burning Palms (10B) 5.5 km 4 hrs 2 (7yrs+) 73
Curra Moors Circuit 10 km 5 hrs 3 (11yrs+) 75