Camping and bushwalking in the northern Kosciuszko National Park


Title: Camping and bushwalking in the northern Kosciuszko National Park
Author: Harry Hill
Edition: 1
Publisher: Envirobook
ISBN: 0858812061
Number of pages: 138
Year of Publication: 2006
Cover Price (au$): 29.95
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 280
Regions the book covers: Northern Kosciuzko National Park
Height (cm): 21

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Niche: Camping, driving and walking in Northern Kosciuzko National Park
Interpretive Information: Plenty
Grade system explained: No
Ascent and/or Decent provided: No
Driving directions provided: No
Date walks last reviewed provided: No
A summary of walks provided: No
Regional Map of walks provided: No
Maps designed for walking: Yes - limited detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Sketch
Colour used in walking maps: Black and White
Size of walking maps: 3/4 page
Walking map Comment: Unique map for every walk
Colour depth of photos: Colour
Comment on Photographs: Photographs on every second page, giving a good sense of the region,
Level of detail in tracknotes: Detailed route information
Alternate route and side trip suggestions: Some walks

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Thomas Boyd Trackhead to 'The Hole' 15 km 47
The Coat of Arms Walk 2 km 51
The Old Mountain Road 4 km 56
Falls on Mill Creek 3 km 61
Buddong Creek 17 km 64
Buddong Falls (top falls) 400 m 30 mins Easy 69
Buddong Falls (bottom falls) 1.6 km 1 hr 30 mins Medium 69
Big Talbingo Mountain 18 km 74
Jounama Peak 7 km 8 hrs 79
Millers Hut 3 km 25 mins 84
Cooinbil to Mosquito Creek Fire Trail 10 km 88
Cooinbil to Hainsworth Hut 14 km 88
Oldfields Hut 6 km 92
Top end of Long Plain 12 km 96
Cooleman Plain 11.5 km 101
Cherry Garden 12 km 105
Blue Creek Coppermine 20 km 111
Pig Gully to Bullocks Head Creek 12 km 115
Milk Shanty Falls 16 km 120
Black Jack Firetower 20 km 124
Round Mountain to Tumut River 7.6 km 129
Lorna Doone Mine 26 km 134