Day walks in the lower Grose River and tributaries : (with particular reference to the Engineers Track)


Title: Day walks in the lower Grose River and tributaries : (with particular reference to the Engineers Track)
Author: Michael Keats
Edition: 1
Publisher: Keats Holdings
ISBN: 0646445227
Number of pages: 61
Year of Publication: 2004
Cover Price (au$): 16.95
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 100
Regions the book covers: Grose River and Tributaries
Height (cm): 30

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Overview of Book
This book is a log of ten walks done by the author and club members. Some detail of the tracks is given, and much insight into the experience of walking with a club.
Niche: A log of walks done by the author and club members
Interpretive Information: Minimal
Grade system explained: No
Ascent and/or Decent provided: No
Driving directions provided: No
Date walks last reviewed provided: Yes
A summary of walks provided: No
Regional Map of walks provided: No
Maps designed for walking: Yes - reasonable detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Detailed Topographic
Colour used in walking maps: Greyscale
Size of walking maps: Full page
Walking map Comment: Maps are Department of Lands topographic maps, with approximate route drawn by author.
Colour depth of photos: Black and White
Comment on Photographs: Photographs are primarily of members of the walking party, with a few additional photographs of the environment.
Level of detail in tracknotes: General route description
Alternate route and side trip suggestions: None

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Woods Reserve to the Junction of the Grose River with the Nepean and Hawkesbury River ** 7
The Suspension cable track crossing to Paterson Hill 8 km **.5 12
Cabbage Tree Creek to Springwood Creek 12 km **.5 17
Grose River walking track to Springwood Creek - Kariwoga Eidge *** 21
Grose River walkin track to Linden Creek via Faulconbridge Point **.5 26
Grose River no.6/10 30 km **** 31
Grose River Faulconbridge Point to Linden Point 28 km 11 hrs *** 36
Grose River The Devils Wilderness 18 km **** 40
The Grose River from the Devils Wilderness to Brown's Creek 17 km **** 47
The Grose River from below Brown's Creek to above Wentworth Cave 10 km ***challenging 51