Heritage Walks In New South Wales


Title: Heritage Walks In New South Wales
Author: Garry McDougall
Edition: 1
Publisher: Kangaroo Press
ISBN: 0864173830
Number of pages: 128
Year of Publication: 1992
Cover Price (au$): 14.95
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 140
Regions the book covers: NSW
Height (cm): 19

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Overview of Book
A guide to seven historic walking regions in NSW. Much information is shared regarding human and environmental heritage in each region, and many walks are described in varying levels of detail - some giving just a sense of the walk, others describing the author's experiences, uncluding navigational and interpretive information.
Niche: Walks linked with human or environmental heritage.
Interpretive Information: Plenty
Grade system explained: No
Ascent and/or Decent provided: No
Driving directions provided: Yes
Date walks last reviewed provided: No
A summary of walks provided: No
Regional Map of walks provided: Yes
Maps designed for walking: Yes - limited detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Sketch
Colour used in walking maps: Black and White
Size of walking maps: 3/4 page
Walking map Comment: Maps provided for each region, however additional maps would be required for most walks, as stated by the author.
Colour depth of photos: None
Level of detail in tracknotes: General route description

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Gillwinga Track 12
Katoomba to Jenolan Caves (Six Foot Track) 15
Megalong Valley to Coxes River 15
Nellies Glen 15
Jenolan State Forest to Katoomba 15
Kiaora Hill 15
The Corn Trail 31
The Buckenbowra River 31
Murramarang Point 2 hrs 46
Pretty Beach and Snapper Point 1 Hr 46
Pretty Beach to Durras Mtn 4 hrs 47
Durras Mountain, Clear Point to Pretty Beach 4 hrs 49
Pebbly Beach 1 Hr 50
Pebbly to Clear Point 2 hrs 50
Pebbly to Depot Beach 1 Hr 52
Depot Beach to Nth Durras 1 hr 30 mins 52
Durras Lake Inlet Walk 3 hrs 52
Durras Lake Forestry Walk 3 hrs 52
North to South Durras 53
North Head 2 hrs 54
Richmond Beach to North Head 4 hrs 57
South Durras to Richmond Beach 3 hrs 58
A Murramarang Trek 3 Days 59
Newhaven Gap to Yadboro River 61
Hidden Valley 61
Yadboro to Monolith Valley 61
Yadboro to The Castle/Cooyoyo 61
Wow Wog to Monolith Valley via Corang Peak 61
The Rocky Crossing Walk 84
Jerusalem Creek Walking Trail 2 km 89
Jerusalem Creek Forest Park - Scenic Falls 89
Telegherry Forest Walk 89
Dundungra Falls Walk and Chichester Arboretum 89
Frying Pan Creek Forest Walk 89
Antarctic Beech Forest 89
Burraga Swamp 89
Cabre Bald 89
Careys Peak via the Corker 90
Gloucester Falls Walk 2 km 94
Laurie Lookout 95
The Falls Lookout 95
The Beech Forest Walk 8 km 96
The Gloucester Tops Circuit Walk 96
The Link Track 96
Gloucester River Waterlife 98
Sharpes Creek Walk 100
Gloucester Upriver Walk and Trek 2 Days 101
A little Day Stroll (Gloucester River Campsite) 102
A little Night Stroll (Gloucester River Campsite) 102
Beean Beean Plain to Big Hole 1 hr 30 mins 108
Big Hole to Careys Peak 1 Hr 109
Junction Pool to Careys Peak 2 hrs 109
Careys Peak to Junction Pools 3 hrs 110
Junction Pools to Beean Beean Plain 2 hrs 111
Wombat Creek 30 mins 111
Selby Hut 1 Hr 111
Polblue to Little Murrays 1 hr 30 mins 113
To Beean Beean Plain 500 m 113
Polnlue to Gloucester Tops 70 km 114
Barrington House to Barrington Tops 4 Days 114
Polblue to Dungog via Chichester State Forest and The Mountaineer 114
Local tracks in Deep Pass 117