Walks near Bundanoon in Morton National Park

Title: Walks near Bundanoon in Morton National Park
Author: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Edition: 1
Publisher: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
ISBN: 0731360338
Number of pages: 9
Year of Publication: 1999
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 25
Regions the book covers: Morton National Park
Height (cm): 21

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Interpretive Information: Some
Grade system explained: No
Ascent and/or Decent provided: No
Driving directions provided: No
Date walks last reviewed provided: No
A summary of walks provided: No
Regional Map of walks provided: Yes
Maps designed for walking: Yes - limited detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Sketch
Colour used in walking maps: Greyscale
Size of walking maps: Full page
Walking map Comment: One aerial photograph with tracks drawn over it.
Colour depth of photos: Black and White
Comment on Photographs: One aerial photograph, with track lines drawn on it.
Level of detail in tracknotes: Detailed route information
Alternate route and side trip suggestions: None

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Erith Coal Mine Wildflower Walk 2 km 1 Hr Easy to Medium
Echo Point Loop Walk 1 Hr Easy, some steep parts
Echo Point to Mount Carnarvon 30 mins Easy, some steep parts
Grand Canyon to Fern Glen 10 mins Easy with some steps
Tooths Lookout/Fairy Bower Falls Loop 1 hr 30 mins Very steep with steps
Bundanoon Creek Walk 2 hrs Very Steep
Fairy Bower Falls Walk 1 Hr Steep with steel steps to the bottom of the falls
Amphitheatre Walk 2 hrs step in parts with steps
Glow-worm Glen Walk 1 Hr Steep and slippery when wet
Riverview Road to Glow-worm Glen
Mark Morton Lookout
Dimmocks Creek
Fern Tree Gully