Points of a compass (Cardinal, degree)

ImageThere are 4 basic directional indicators used; North South East and West.  I assume this is not news to you.  A compass uses the same principles and breaks directions down even further to allow more accurate descriptions.  When needing to be very accurate you will talk in degrees when general is ok then you will talk in cardinal directions (eg when describing wind direction or the general direction of a track.)







Below you will find two diagrams and a table. 

The cardinal points diagram shows a basic compass bevel and the cardinal points

The compass bevel diagram show the mix of cardinal points and degrees that are common on a compass

The Bearing and cardinal points table relates the angle in degrees to a cardinal point and the text descriptor.




Degrees Cardinal Point Spoken (lazy)
0.00 N North
11.25 N by E North by east
22.50 NNE North north east (Nor nor east)
33.75 NE by N North east by north
45.00 NE North east (nor east)
56.25 NE by E North east by east
67.50 ENE East north east
78.75 E by N East by north
90.00 E East
101.25 E by S East by south
112.50 ESE East south east
123.75 SE by E South east by east
135.00 SE South east
146.25 SE by S South east by south
157.50 SSE South south east (sou sou east)
168.75 S by E South by east
180.00 S South
191.25 S by W South by west
202.50 SSW South south west (sou sou west)
213.75 SW by S South west by south
225.00 SW South west
236.25 SW by W South west by west
247.50 WSW West south west
258.75 W by S West by south
270.00 W West
281.25 W by N West by north
292.50 WNW West north west
303.75 NW by W North west by west
315.00 NW North west (nor west)
326.25 NW by N North west by north
337.50 NNW North north west (nor nor west)
348.75 N by W North by west
360.00 N North