Discovering the Colo Wilderness on foot


Title: Discovering the Colo Wilderness on foot
Author: Anthony Dunk
Edition: 2
Publisher: Envirobook
ISBN: 9780858812277
Number of pages: 79
Year of Publication: 2009
Cover Price (au$): 13.95
Format: Paperback
Weight (grams): 85
Regions the book covers: Colo River
Height (cm): 18

Hiking -- New South Wales -- Colo Wilderness -- Guidebooks,Colo Wilderness (N.S.W.) -- Guidebooks

Authors Comments
This book describes 20 bushwalks in Wollemi National Park, which is located north-west of 
Sydney. A central feature of the park is the Colo River which flows through more than 40 kms 
of rugged wilderness surrounded by huge sandstone cliffs. A number of the walks in the 
book describe the easier passes into the gorge, while others cover walks in the surrounding 
areas such as Putty, Mt Wilson, Newnes, and Rylstone.

Some history and background of the area is provided as well as suggestions for extended 
walks, and details of equipment and techniques for bushwalking in the area.
Niche: Walking in Colo region
Interpretive Information: Plenty
Grade system explained: No
Ascent and/or Decent provided: No
Driving directions provided: Yes
Date walks last reviewed provided: No
A summary of walks provided: No
Regional Map of walks provided: Yes
Maps designed for walking: Yes - limited detail
Type of maps used (for walking): Sketch
Colour used in walking maps: Black and White
Size of walking maps: Full page
Walking map Comment: Some maps are shared by a number of walks.
Colour depth of photos: Black and White
Comment on Photographs: There is an average of one photograph every four pages.
Level of detail in tracknotes: Detailed route information
Alternate route and side trip suggestions: Some walks

List of walks in book

Walk Name Length Time Grade Page
Bob Turner's track 7 km 3 hrs Easy 23
Mountain Lagoon (T3) Track 5 km 5 hrs Easy 24
Colo-Meroo Trail 23 km 2 Days Easy 27
Canoe Creek 5.5 km 1 Day Medium 29
Crawford's Lookout 8 km 4 hrs Easy 32
Crawford's Lookout to Boorai Creek 20.5 km 2 Days Hard 34
Drip Rock 32.5 km 3 Days Very Hard 37
Mellong Creek 8 km 3 hrs Easy 39
Stony Waterhole to Wollemi Creek 24.5 km 2 Days Medium 41
Wheeny Gap 9.5 km 5 hrs Medium 44
Wollangambe River 5 km 1 Day Easy 47
Deep Pass 2.5 km 2 Days Easy 50
Glow Worm Tunnel from Zig Zag Railway 9 km 1 Day Easy 52
Glow Worm Tunnel from Newnes Road 9 km 1 Day Easy 54
Pipeline Track Lookout and Newnes Ruins 8 km 1 Day Easy/Medium 55
Newnes to Glen Davies (Pipeline Track) 20 km 2 Days Easy/Medium 58
Blackfellows Hand Cave 3 km 1 Hr Easy 59
Kandos Weir 4 km 2 hrs Easy/Medium 60
Mount Coricudgy 18 km 1 Day Medium 62
Ferntree Gully 1 Hr Easy 63
Mount Coricudgy to Putty 65 km 65
Newnes to Colo Gorge 45 km 67
Colo Gorge by Li-Lo 55 km 69