Naturally Accessible

These walks have extra information about barriers and facilities to help improve access for people with mobility based disabilities.

Under current national bushwalking grading standards, access for people with disability is only promoted for very short and very easy paved paths. ‘Naturally Accessible‘ is a new framework that sits on top of grading systems providing more information about walking track features enabling people to make decisions for themselves about access. By providing detailed information about toilets, seats, steps, surface, steepness, barries and so on, we hope that visitors can choose for themselves if they can undertake these walks.

For people with arthritis, the number of steps and type of seats might be of most interest. For people with continence issues, the location and access to toilets may be key. For people who use a wheelchair, interest may turn to the surface, pinch points and steepness. Some of these walks are challenging and long – over time I hope we can add even more challenging and longer walks.

Naturally Accessible was proudly developed by National Parks Association of NSW, funded by NSW Family and Community Services and National Parks and Wildlife Service.